Los phrasal verbs que todo el mundo debe conocer

Hay ciertos phrasal verbs que son tan usados y tan conocidos que si no los conoces vas a perder mucho en las conversaciones. Aunque no sabes mucho de los phrasal verbs todavía, tendrás que aprendértelos. Para saber más, lee la introduccion a los phrasal verbs.

get up = levantarse

He got up at 5:30 this morning. That’s why he’s tired!

go out = salir de marcha o a un evento social

Tonight I’m going out. I’m going to have a few beers with my friends.

come on! = venga! ánimo!

Come on! We have to leave now or we’ll miss the bus!

look out! = cuidado!

Look out! The floor is wet!

look for = buscar

She’s looking for her keys. She can’t seem to find them.

ask for = pedir

He asked for a coffee and a croissant.

look after = cuidar

She’s looking after my dog while I’m on vacation.

give up = dejar de hacer algo

He’s trying to give up smoking but he says it’s very difficult.

end up = acabar (de una manera u otra)

We were late for the film, and ended up going to the next showing.

I hope you enjoy these phrasal verbs. For more, read madridingles.es/phrasal-verbs.

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