Bill Bryson: The Lost Continent (libro recomendado)

bill bryson the lost continentBill Bryson is one of my favorite authors. This book: The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America is about a journey of more than 13,000 miles he made by car, all around the United States.

He visits places which are not typically considered tourist destinations, and contemplates American life and geography, with plenty of his memories of growing up in Des Moines, Iowa (one of the least romantic, least cosmopolitan cities in America.)

I have bought a couple of copies of this for different people, it’s a great gift for those who have an interest in American culture.

Bryson’s other books are also excellent, on a wide variety of topics from science to language to history, this book is a good place to start.

Highly recommended.

And hey, if you want I’ve got an article inspired by Bryson on my personal blog: How to have an Ellis Island Experience.

I’ve got lots more books for English students here:

Enjoy and have a great day!


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