April 18, 2012


Hi everybody! Welcome back!

I have finished my newest book, an all-English version of 31 Phrasal Verbs for Business English. A few weeks ago, I published a bilingual (Spanish/English) version, which is here: 31 Phrasal Verbs para Inglés de Negocios.

This book is highly useful for anyone working in international business. As I have explained before, “Business English” isn’t a separate language by any means, but there is certain vocabulary we must learn to work effectively: some of that vocabulary is specific to the field you’re in, and some of it is general. 

The phrasal verbs explained in this book are all very useful in a context of business: show up, set up, put off, call off, put up, go up, go down, shoot up, put out, cut back, lay off, meet up, get together, work out, give away, check in, check out, take over, bail out, be out of, run out of, go on, keep on, be off, have off, slow down and pick up. I’ve also included some other words made with prepositions: outlook, update, outsource, upgrade. 

As I’ve explained in Spanish in another article, there are more than three thousand phrasal verbs in English, but you don’t need to know all of them. The good news is you only need to learn around a hundred phrasal verbs and you’ll be fine. 

31 Phrasal Verbs for Business English has an introduction explaining everything you need to know about phrasal verbs, how to use them in different verb tenses, separable and inseparable, transitive and intransitive, etc. There are several examples of each phrasal verb, as well as an explanation and some exercises at the end to help you memorize them forever

Other than that, if you read something about your work in English, you’ll learn quite a bit of useful new vocabulary. 

The rest of my books are all here on my Amazon author page: amazon.com/author/danielwelsch

Here are some highlights:

27 Phrasal Verbs that You Should Know (kindle edition and paperback)–a general introduction to phrasal verbs for any student of English.

Also 6 Claves para Aprender Inglés (kindle and paperback)–a Spanish language guide to the best ways to learn English and how to make the most of your study. 



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