Otro texto en inglés, esta vez sobre la vida de nuestros héroes americanos.

Para quienes no saben, Franklin es uno de los “Padres Fundadores” de Estados Unidos, y un personaje muy interesante.

Para leer un poco en inglés, aquí escribo un pequeño introducción al personaje de Benjamin Franklin y su vida.


Volvamos al siglo XVIII…

texto en inglés sobre ben franklinTexto en inglés: la vida de Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is one of the most famous men in the history of the United States. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts Colony, in 1706, the second-youngest of seventeen children.

He went to school for just two years before starting to help his father (a candlemaker) in his shop. Afterwards, he was given to his brother as an apprentice printer, working on the first independent newspaper in the American colonies. 

Franklin didn’t get on well with his brother, and after a few years he escaped to Philadelphia. In those days, apprentices were obligated to their masters for several years, so in escaping, Franklin became a fugitive from justice. He worked in a few printing shops both in Philadelphia and in London before founding a newspaper called the Pennsylvania Gazette

As well as publishing newspapers, he was a writer, statesman and inventor. Several of his inventions are still in use today, including bifocals and the Franklin stove. He also made important discoveries about the nature of heat, light and electricity.

When the conflicts between America and England started, and eventually led to the War of Independence, Franklin became involved in politics, working to unify the colonies and then going to represent them in England and in France as the first American ambassador.

He started the first volunteer fire department in Pennsylvania, worked to improve the postal service, and created the first lending library in the United States. 

Today he is considered to be one of the Founding Fathers of America, with the attitude that hard work and dedication make everything possible. His Autobiography is considered one of the best ever written, as well as being a very early example of the self-help literature that Americans would later take to such extremes.

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