¡Hola de nuevo!

Hoy tenemos un nuevo listening en inglés, con mi amiga Cepee.

Estoy intentando darte varios acentos para escuchar ahí en el podcast. Así que Cepee es de Houston, Texas, y aquí puedes escuchar un poco de su historia.

Tengo que decir que Cepee es una de mis amigas más motivadas y trabajadoras.

Y que cuando estaba en Madrid, sus eventos para blogueros eran algunos de mis mejores momentos de los últimos años.

Aquí tienes el podcast…

Y aquí a continuación el texto para leer.

Cepee’s story – listening en inglés

Hi! My name is Cepee, rhymes with peppy is what I tell people. I’m originally from Houston, Texas but my mother is from Colombia and my father from Iran.

I’m 39 years young, single, no kids, but I am a dog mom to a 5 pound chihuahua named Khloe, and I live in Madrid, Spain. 

While my mother is Colombian, I did not grow up learning Spanish. I started learning Spanish in high school and in 2001 I spent a summer in Madrid taking an intensive language study course. But it wasn’t till 2006 when I moved to Cordoba, Spain for a year to teach English that I really started to immerse myself in the Spanish language.

cepee tabibian she hit refresh
Cepee Tabibian. Photo by Milena Floresta.

As you know, learning a language is a life-long journey, one that I am definitely still on!

After living in Cordoba, I moved to Madrid and then for the next few years I moved back and forth between Spain and Texas. However in 2015 at 35 years old I decided to move back to Madrid to give it one more chance!

You see, I always wanted to live in Spain but teaching English was the only option I could find. While teaching is a great profession, my background isn’t in teaching and I always knew it wasn’t the right fit for me.

My background was in traditional marketing and when I moved to Madrid again I quickly got out of teaching and scored a job with a Spanish start-up. I worked on the social media team, and that’s where I learned about the online world of marketing.

From there, in my free time I started a blog about vegetarian food in Madrid and then wanted to meet other bloggers in Madrid. When I couldn’t find an existing community, I created my own – the Madrid Blogger Network, which is now the largest online / offline community for bloggers and content creators in Madrid. And that’s where I met Daniel.

Using my new skills I was able to find my first remote job! In my free time I started another community, She Hit Refresh. It’s for women age 30 and over who want to break free from routine and start a life of travel.

It was just a hobby but after two years it has become my business! I help women get clarity and figure out how to move abroad or quit their job to travel long term.

It’s so inspiring to see women age 30 to 60 and beyond make radical changes to their lives and thrive doing it! Our community has grown to over 5,000 women worldwide and we also have a blog, in-person events, annual retreats, and a podcast.

Podcasts are a great way to learn a language, you should definitely check mine out!

In my free time I like to run, read, and learn Spanish. Yes, I said it’s a life long journey and while I’m an advanced speaker there is so much room to improve.

Since I work in English and work from home I haven’t had much time in the past few years to practice. But this year I’ve made improving my Spanish a priority and am taking classes again and even joined Toastmasters!

Have you heard of Toastmasters? It’s an organization that promotes communication, public speaking, and leadership and has clubs worldwide.

I’ve joined a bilingual club here in Madrid. And while I love speaking publicly in English, I’m hoping Toastmasters will help me face my fear of public speaking in Spanish. If you’d like to improve your English I highly recommend joining!

Best of luck on your English speaking journey and if you’d like to connect please find me on Instagram at @cepeetabibian.

En fin…

¿Quieres aprender más inglés?

Estás en el sitio correcto…

Tengo unos libros que te pueden ayudar con gramática, vocabulario, phrasal verbs y más en Amazon, y aquí en la web también.

Y no te olvidas de mis cursos online.

Buen aprendizaje,


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