Aprende un phrasal verb: Look Into

Otro día, y otro phrasal verb! Como vimos en el post que se titula Los phrasal verbs son formales o informales? se puede usar el phrasal verb look into para decir investigate.

Después de look into, se usa o un sustantivo (el asunto que se quiere investigar) o un verbo en gerundio. En eso, es igual que think of/about doing something, un verb pattern que vimos hace tiempo.


He’s looking into buying a new house.

She’s looking into different holiday destinations, but she wants to go somewhere with nice beaches.

Carlos is looking into the possibility of going back to university.

They’re looking into starting a business in their neighborhood.

Una cosa que tener en cuenta: cuando se habla de la investigación científica o académica, se suele usar research.

My cousin is researching antioxidants.

She got a job doing market research.

Investigate y investigation suenan más policial.

The police are investigating the robbery, which occured in the middle of the night.

The investigation was closed when detectives couldn’t find any evidence.

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