Texto en inglés: Elvis Presley – personaje americano

texto en inglés la vida de elvis presley

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Hoy tenemos un texto en inglés: la primera parte de la historia de Elvis Presley, icono americano.

Se trata de uno de los músicos populares más importantes de todos los tiempos – por lo menos en Estados Unidos.

En fin… tenemos una historia muy corta, y no hemos tenido a  nadie como Mozart en este corto tiempo.

Elvis Presley, en cambio, hizo popular el Rock and Roll en los años 50, y sigue siendo una leyenda para muchos.

Vocabulario del texto

El vocabulario para hoy:

take up an activity: empezar a hacer una actividad

fail: fracasar, suspender una clase

to stick to an activity: persistir en hacer algo

tour: ir de giro (v) o giro (sust)

infuriate: enfurecer

lust: lujuria

Elvis Presley was born in 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. He moved with his parents to Memphis Tennessee when he was 13. His family didn’t have a lot of money, and lived in public housing. As a teenager he was shy, but took up the guitar. His teachers told him he had no talent for singing, and music class was the only class he ever failed. 

Presley was influenced by “black music” genres like gospel and blues, and worked as a truck driver after graduating high school. In 1953 he recorded his first single as a gift to his mother. He tried to join bands around Memphis, who rejected him–advising him to stick to truck driving because he was never going to be successful as a singer.

When he was 19 he was given the opportunity to do a studio recording. The producer was hoping to find a white musician who could bring black music to a wider audience. In the Southern US, whites and blacks were segregated and many whites refused to listen to black music. In fact Presley had to go to see blues concerts on special nights reserved only for a white audience. He recorded the single “That’s All Right, which was played on the radio and well-received by the public. He bought a new guitar for $145 and began touring with a backup band, and quickly became a minor star in the South, famous for his energetic performances in which he would convert his nervous trembling into a kind of dance that infuriated men and drove women crazy with lust.

He signed a recording contract for $40,000 when he was just 20 years old. $40,000 was an unprecedented amount of money for a young artist at the time. The year was 1955, and Elvis was about to change American culture forever…

Si quieres hacer un poco de listening, las primeras dos canciones que grabó Elvis estan en Spotify: That’s All Right and Blue Moon of Kentucky

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