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How to stay motivated while learning English – guest post by Lawrence Francis

how to stay motivated while learning english

Knowing how to stay motivated while learning English is incredibly important. Language learning is often marketed as something that can be done both easily and quickly. The current bestselling book in the language section of is ‘Inglés: El Secreto Para Hablar Inglés Como Un Nativo En 6 Meses Para Personas Con Poco Tiempo.’ The […]

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Warning: You Might Already Be Speaking Globish

telephone english

For those who don’t know about it, Globish is a phenomenon described by one Jean-Paul Nerriere, a French marketing-expert-turned-author. Mr Nerriere, like many Europeans, has been to business meetings in which people from many different countries would communicate effectively in English. However, as soon as they had to listen to a native speaker, they would […]

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