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“Sequencing phrases” dan cohesión a un párrafo.

Explican las relaciones entre las frases y hacen fluir el texto. Son importantes si piensas preparar un examen como el First o el CAE de Cambridge.

En estos exámenes, te dan el típico ejercicio de escribir una carta al editor de un periódico o al ayuntamiento, por ejemplo, y el resultado podría ser algo así:

Dear Editor,

I have been living in Madrid for several years, and I consider it to be my home. However, I am continually shocked by the low quality of the customer service in this otherwise lovely city. 

To illustrate, yesterday I was in a small neighborhood shop trying to buy a present for my dear old grandmother. The shop was empty of customers; nevertheless, the shop assistant ignored me for more than 15 minutes as she finished her conversation on her mobile phone. In addition, she made no effort at friendliness – not even an attempt at customer service as the words are understood in other countries. 

On the other hand, when I travel to other countries in Europe, I find customer service to be friendly, efficient and helpful. I understand that workers are overworked and underpaid here in Spain. Nevertheless, it would be nice to see an improvement in both the salaries of workers, and the services offered. 

Sincerely yours,

Daniel Welsch.

Tipos de sequencing phrases en inglés

Los “sequencing phrases” pueden dividirse según la función. He aquí unos ejemplos: 

Cause and Effect

Then, as a result, for this reason, the result was, what followed, in response, therefore, thus, because of this, consequently. 


Unlike, in spite of, on the other hand, on the contrary, however, nevertheless.

Secuence and Relativity 

Then, in addition to, to enumerate, next, besides that, similarly, in comparison, like, likewise, also.

Explanation and Example

For example, one such, for instance, to illustrate, also, to demonstrate.

Estas frases hacen que el texto suene muy formal. Si eso es lo que buscas, ¡adelante!

También te puede gustar mis consejos para escribir en inglés.

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