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Hoy, siguiendo con el tema del inglés para viajar, tenemos una serie de conversaciones en el aeropuerto en inglés.

Y luego, conversaciones en el avión, etc.

Muchas personas usan el inglés al viajar, así que es buena idea ver las frases comunes cuando uno está de viaje.

Además, después de cada parte podrás ver el vocabulario nuevo con traducción al español.


Vamos allá…

Conversaciones en el aeropuerto en inglés

Michael and Sophie are travelling to Paris from New York for their honeymoon. They enter the airport and walk towards the information desk.

Kevin: Hi. Good morning. How may I help you?

Michael: Hello! We are flying to Paris and our flight leaves in 1 hour. Could you please tell us where we can do our check-in?

Kevin: What’s your flight number?

Sophie: IB432. It leaves in 1 hour from terminal 2.

Kevin: Ah! Yes! You can check it at counter 12 ma’am.

Michael and Sophie: Thank you.

They walk towards counter 12.

Agent: Hello. May I see your tickets and passports please?

Michael and Sophie hand over their tickets and passports.

Agent: Do you have any luggage that you guys need to check in?

Michael: Yes. We have one suitcase.

Agent: The maximum weight that is allowed in the check in is 15kgs. Is your suitcase under 15 kgs?

Michael: Yes. I think so.

Agent: Please put your luggage on the scale.

Michael: Here you go. Oh! It’s just under 15 kgs. Great.

Agent: Okay. Do you prefer the seats on the aisle or near the window?

Sophie: Mmm. Window please. I like to look at the clouds while we fly.

Agent: Fantastic. I have given you guys seats next to the wings so that you guys can also have extra leg room.

Sophie: That’s so kind of you. Thank you! We really appreciate it.

Agent: My pleasure! Here are your boarding passes. Have a great flight!

Vocabulario de la conversación

honeymoon = luna de miel

check-in = facturación

counter = mostrador

luggage = equipaje (incontable)

suitcase = maleta (contable)

layover = escala

boarding passes = tarjetas de embarque

window seat = asiento de ventana

aisle seat = asiento de pasillo

leg room = espacio para las piernas

inglés para viajar

Seguimos hacia el control de seguridad del aeropuerto. A ver qué pasa…

Conversaciones en el aeropuerto: en el control de seguridad

Michael and Sophie pick up their carry on luggage and walk towards the security checkpoint.

Sophie: Michael, please take the laptops out of your backpack so that we can place them in the tray and pass them through the scanner.

Michael: Oh yeah! You are right. Thanks for reminding me Sophie. Also, don’t forget to take your keys out of your pocket.

Sophie: You’re right. I’ll do it now.

Agent: Can I see your tickets, please? Are you travelling together?

Sophie: Yes.

Agent: Did you pack your bags yourself?

Sophie: Yes.

Agent: Do you have any liquids inside your bag?

Sophie: No.

Agent: Ma’am please walk through the scanner.

Sophie: Okay.

Beep beep beep.

Agent: Ma’am, do you have any metals or electronic equipment with you?

Sophie: I don’t think so. Let me check my pockets. Oh, I have some pennies in my pocket.

Agent: Please put the coins in this tray and walk through the scanner again.

Sophie: Okay.

Puts the coins in the tray and walks through the scanner again. The light turns green.

Agent: Okay. Have a good flight ma’am.

Sophie: Thank you.

Michael: Hey Sophie! What happened?

Sophie: I forgot to remove the coins from my pockets.

Michael: Ah. That happens. I once forgot to remove my belt. And last time I was here, they made me remove my boots too. Good thing we are wearing sandals today.

Sophie: Yeah. Let’s go towards the gate. The ticket says terminal 2, Gate 15.

Michael: Let’s look at the signs to see where Gate 15 is. We’re in Terminal 2, and I guess the gates are that way.

Sophie: (Pointing towards the sign.) There! I think we have to take the elevator down and turn right.

Michael: Let’s go!

They reach the gate.

conversaciones en el aeropuerto en inglés

Aquí un poco de vocabulario de esta parte de la conversación.

Vocabulario de la conversación

pack your bags = hacer las maletas

scanner = escaneador

coins = monedas

pennies = peniques (monedas de un céntimo)

belt = cinturón

pockets = bolsillos

gate / boarding gate = puerta de embarque


Conversaciones en la puerta de embarque

Michael y Sophie han llegado a la puerta de embarque, y siguen conversando – en inglés, por supuesto.

Michael: Do you want something to drink? Our gate hasn’t opened yet.

Sophie: I would actually like to have a cup of coffee.

Michael: Okay. I need a bottle of water. Stay right here with the bags. I’ll go get the coffee and water and I meet you here in 5 minutes.

Sophie: Okay! Don’t be late. The gate should open in 5 minutes, too.

Michael: Don’t worry. I’ll be back soon.

Five minutes later Michael arrives with the coffee and a bottle of water. They sit down in the waiting area and drink their coffee.

Agent announces through the microphone: Flight IB432 to Paris is now boarding. We would like to invite our first and business class passengers to board first. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready for boarding.

Michael: Okay. Get your passport and boarding pass out of your handbag, Sophie. Let’s go and stand in the line. We are not in business class. We’ll have to wait in line with the Priority class B.

Agent: We would like to invite passengers needing special assistance and passengers with children to board the flight.

Michael: Too bad we don’t have children. We’ll have to wait.

Sophie: He he he.

Agent: All passengers may start boarding now.

Michael: That was fast. I was was expecting it to take a long time. They seem very efficient.

Sophie: Yeah. I was thinking the same.

Agent: Can I please see your boarding passes and passports?

Sophie hands over the passes and passports. Agent checks the ID’s and passes.

Agent: Thank you. Please go ahead and have a good flight!

Sophie and Michael: Thanks!

They walk towards the airplane.

Stewardess: Please enter the shuttle bus which will take you to your aircraft.

Michael: Okay. Let’s get on the bus.

The bus takes them to the aircraft.

Vocabulario de la conversación

stewardess = azafata de vuelo

handbag = bolso de mano

wait in line = hacer cola, esperar en cola

shuttle bus = autobús de enlace

aircraft = aeronave (incluye aviones, helicópteros, etc.)

airplane = avión

Otra cosa que debería mencionar: hay más palabras para azafatas de vuelo.

air hostess = azafata

flight attendant = azafata / azafato (indiferente del género)

cabin crew = tripulación de cabina


Conversación en el avión: Inside the airplane

Sigue la conversación dentro del avión…

Air hostess: Please make sure that your bags are safely secured in the overheard compartment.

Pilot: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Welcome to flight number IB432 to Paris. We will be taking off in a moment. Please make sure that the tray tables are upright and that your seat belts are fastened.

They take off.

Air hostess: What would you like to eat?

Sophie: What do you have?

Stewardess: Chicken with vegetables and rice noodles.

Sophie: I would like the chicken.

Michael: Me too.

Stewardess: And to drink?

Michael: Do you have diet coke?

Stewardess: Yes.

Michael: Okay. I will take ome.

Sophie: I would like a glass of water, please.

Stewardess: Here you go. One diet coke and one water. Enjoy your meal.

Seven and a quarter hours later.

Pilot: Ladies and Gentleman, we will be landing in Paris in about 10 minutes. The temperature in Paris is 34 degree celsius. Quite pleasant. Thank you for choosing our airline and I hope you had a pleasant flight. Cabin crew, please get ready for landing.

Cabin crew: Thank you for flying with Iberia. Please be seated and make sure that your seatbelt is securely fastened and your tray table is up. We will be landing in Paris soon. Please make sure your laptops are turned off and your mobile devices remain in airplane mode until we land.


Stewardess: Thank you for flying with Iberia. The bags could be found at baggage claim at belt number 12. Have a good day.

take off = despegar. Más sobre take off aquí

pleasant = agradable

securely fastened = abrochado

baggage claim = recogida de equipajes

conversación aeropuerto inglés

Y por fin hemos llegado al aeropuerto Charles De Gaulle en Paris…

Conversaciones en inglés: aduana y control de pasaportes

At the customs and passport control.

Officer: Hello. May I see your passports, please?

Michael: Here you go.

Officer: Are you visiting Paris for the first time.?

Sophie: Yes sir.

Officer: What is the purpose of your visit?

Michael: We are here on holidays.

Officer: Can I see your return tickets, please?

Sophie: Umm. Yeah. One second please. They’re in my handbag.

Officer: Take your time.

Sophie: Here you go.

Officer: Okay. Thank you. Do you have anything to declare?

Michael: I bought some cigars from the duty-free shop. Would I have to declare that?

Officer: May I see it?

Michael: Umm. Of course. It’s just 1 cigar. Here it is.

Officer: You can carry that. No need to declare it.

Michael: Thanks. Can we carry some wine or cheese on our way back?

Officer: Unfortunately, you cannot carry them with your carry on, but you can carry them in your check in luggage. And please check the maximum amount that you can carry before buying. Generally, it’s two to three bottles of alcohol. You could buy some from the duty-free shop inside the airport. Anything else?

Sophie: No. Thank you.

Officer: Have a pleasant stay.

Vocabulario de la conversación

customs = aduana

purpose of your visit = propósito de la visita

return tickets = billetes de vuelta

En fin…

¿Quieres más conversaciones en inglés?

Tengo algunas conversaciones más aquí en la web. Por ejemplo, conversaciones sobre vacaciones en la playa o sobre una primera cita.

Y como siempre, si quieres aprender mucho más, echa un vistazo a mis libros en Amazon (y otros sitios).

Pincha aquí para la página de los libros.

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P.D. En el futuro quizá saque un libro sobre el inglés para viajar, con vocabulario, conversaciones así, y más. ¿Te gustaría? Avísame en los comentarios… ¡Gracias!

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