Phrasal Verbs with In and Into

Aquí tenemos unos phrasal verbs con la partícula in/into. También hay artículos sobre phrasal verbs with out, y pares de phrasal verbs con significados opuestos.

grow into something = dicho de niños que crecen para llenar su ropa mejor. 

The jacket is big on him now, but I’m sure he’ll grow into it soon.

look into something = investigate

I’ve been looking into plane tickets to go to Thailand, and they’re not too expensive.

fit into something = entrar, caber

The turkey weighs 12 pounds! I think it’s too big to fit into the fridge.

run into somebody = meet somebody unexpectedly

You’ll never guess who I ran into this morning at the park… It was Jim! 

check in to a hotel, a flight, etc = arrive and register, identify yourself

You should be at the airport early so you have time to check in.

let someone in = allow them to enter

I forgot my keys. Can you let me in the house?

fill in a form = llenar un formulario

To receive your unemployment benefits, you have to fill in a lot of forms and stand in a lot of lines.

Enjoy! And for a lot more fun, visit the FAQ!

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