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¡Hola de nuevo!

Tenemos muchas conversaciones aquí en la web.

Pero nunca se termina de aprender.

Así que hoy quería hacer más, y tenemos unas conversaciones en la oficina en inglés.

Personalmente, nunca he trabajado en una oficina. Así que eso de hacer informes e ir a reuniones es un misterio. Pero el vocabulario es sencillo.

La gramática no cambia cuando entres en la oficina, y aparte de unas palabras especializadas para tu negocio, el inglés sigue siendo el inglés.

Como ves, no creo mucho en el “business English”. Pero si quieres, tengo unos consejos para escribir correos electrónicos.

Y también unos consejos que pueden ser muy útiles en una entrevista de trabajo en inglés.

conversaciones en la oficina en inglés

Así, sin más, unas conversaciones en la oficina en inglés.

Conversación en la oficina: Late for Work

Aquí Linda habla con Bill sobre su retraso en llegar a la oficina.

Linda: Bill, you’re late again. Our boss has been looking for you. He popped in half an hour ago and asked about the report you had to submit yesterday. When he didn’t find you at your desk he was furious!

Bill: Oh no, I should go and see him immediately.

Linda: Wait, he’s off to the meeting with our investors. It won’t finish until 11 o’clock. Sit down, and I’ll make you a cup of coffee. 

Bill: Thanks, Linda. That would be so kind of you. Oh God, I think I will lose my monthly bonus. It’s the third time I’ve been late for work this month.

Linda: Third time? Why do you keep coming late? 

Bill: Traffic is just crazy at this time of day. I get stuck in traffic jams nearly every morning, you know.

Linda: Why don’t you go by subway?

Bill: I’ve never really thought about it. I guess I’ll give it a try.

Linda: Here’s your coffee. So, what’s the deal with that report our boss asked about?

Bill: I worked late yesterday to finish it before today’s meeting, but then lights suddenly went out, and my laptop switched off.

Linda: Oh no!

Bill: I had to go home and leave the report incomplete. Now, if the meeting doesn’t go as well as expected, I’m afraid I might be fired…

Vocabulario de la conversación

Aquí un poco del vocabulario que hemos visto en la conversación…

submit = presentar, entregar

looking for you = buscándote

pop in = asomarse, aparecer

investors = inversores

traffic jams = atascos

give it a try = intentarlo

switched off = se apagó

be fired = ser despedido

Más sobre algunas de estas expresiones en phrasal verbs con look, y vocabulario para conseguir y perder un trabajo.


Small talk at the office

Cindy: Hey Samantha, how’s it going?

Samantha: Hi Cindy! Not bad, thanks. It’s been a busy morning, but I enjoy it when things are that way. I’ve already received around 10 calls from potential clients!

Cindy: Wow, things are off to a good start! You’ve been working really hard, Samantha, always going the extra mile. I really think you will get a bonus this month.

Samantha: Thanks, Cindy! I hope our boss thinks the same way.

Cindy: He surely does. I heard him praise you to Mrs Wills from the accounting department yesterday. He told her you were not only a dedicated worker, but also a great team player, a real asset for the company.

Samantha: Did he really say that? I can’t believe my ears! What about you, Cindy? How are things? I hardly got a chance to talk to you last week.

Cindy: Yeah, I know. It was a hectic week with lots of paperwork to do and meetings to schedule. However, things are slower now, and I’ve managed to tick some things off my to-do list.

Samantha: Great news. So, you’ll be leaving work on time today?

Cindy: I guess so. Why?

Samantha: I’ve been dying to talk to you about our new employee, Jack. Why don’t we have a drink after work?

Cindy: Sure, why not? Let’s meet outside the office at 6 p.m. 

Vocabulario de la conversación

go the extra mile = hacer un esfuerzo extra

praise someone = alabar a alguien

hectic = frenético

I guess so = supongo que sí.

have a drink = tomar algo

Más conversaciones, a continuación…

Louis’ first day at work

Nick: So, Louis, this is your desk. Welcome aboard! Drop your things off here, and I’ll give you a tour of the office.

Louis: Nice, thank you, Nick.

Nick: I will also introduce you to the colleagues. Follow me. This is Nina from the sales department. You’ll be working closely on the new project in the next two or three months. Nina, this is Louis, our new team member that I talked about yesterday.

Nina: Nice to meet you Louis! I hope you’ll like working here as much I do. We have a really cool, friendly team. 

Louis: No doubt about that, Nina. Nice to meet you, too. If I can be of any assistance, please feel free to approach me.

Nina: Thank you and good luck, Nick!

Nick: Let’s move on, Louis. On your right you can see the director’s office and the conference hall. On your left, there is a lounge. The lunch break is from 1 to 2 p.m. Actually, it’s about to start. Do you have anything to ask me?

Louis: Yes, you told me I’ll need a corporate email account for internal communication.

Nick: Oh, I almost forgot about it. I’ll ask John, our IT specialist, to set it up for you today. Then you’ll receive a notification on your PC. Well, it’s 1 p.m. already. Enjoy your lunch break!

Louis: Thanks and see you later, Nick.

Vocabulario de la conversación

Welcome aboard! = bienvenido a bordo, bienvenido al equipo

drop your things off = dejar tus cosas. Más aquí: phrasal verbs con drop.

approach someone = acercarse a alguien

lounge = sala de descanso

set something up = instalar o montar algo

At the meeting

Boss: So, does anyone have ideas about how to proceed with the project? I would like to remind you that we have to present it to our client in two weeks.

Sarah: I was thinking of calling Onix Inc. and asking them to postpone the presentation.

Boss: I don’t think it’s a good idea. They’re interested in getting the job done as quickly as possible. If we don’t push forward in the next few days, we might miss the deadline.

Ben: If we do that, we will surely lose the client, which we cannot afford.

Rachel: Why don’t we put off other assignments at hand and double our efforts on the Onix project?

Boss: Yes, Rachel, that is the only way to complete it before the end of the month. How is the progress with website design?

Ben: It’s nearly finished, though we still have to fix a few bugs.

Boss: And the logo?

Rachel: I emailed a few variations yesterday, but the client doesn’t seem to be very happy about the result.

Boss: Reach out to them and speak about the changes to be made. Ben, you can get busy with fixing website bugs, and, Sarah, check in with our copywriters to find out if the texts are ready. 

Sarah: Got it. When are we having the next meeting? 

Boss: It’s scheduled for Thursday at 10 o’clock. I look forward to your reports. Now you can get back to your current tasks.

Vocabulario de la conversación

miss the deadline = pasar la fecha límite

put something off = aplazar o posponer algo

can’t afford something = no poder permitirse algo. Más aquí: buy, pay y afford.

reach out to someone = comunicarte con alguien

bugs = pequeños errores

scheduled = programado, planificado

look forward to something = desear algo en el futuro. Más aquí: look forward to.

En fin…

¿Quieres más conversaciones en inglés?

Tengo más aquí en la web.

Por ejemplo: conversación sobre las vacaciones en la playa, una sobre navidad y nochevieja, conversaciones con phrasal verbs y conversaciones en una primera cita.

¡Buen aprendizaje!


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